What Does Urine Analysis Test For

What Does Urine Analysis Test For ?

A urinalysis is another form of urine test, where the urine is collected from the patient in a specimen cup. It is a very common form of medical diagnosis that is performed in many laboratories, and hospitals. It can reveal many diseases, even in the absence of any significant symptoms.

In case where the doctors may suspect urinary tract infection, kidney infection, kidney stones, inflammation of the kidneys, diabetes, or high blood pressure, they would recommend a urine analysis of the patient.

A urine analysis test would include findings regarding the color of the urine, clarity, odor and the chemical content of the urine. In case there is some kind of disease, it would make the urine look cloudy and also change its odor. One of the many other things that the urine analysis would reveal is the specific gravity of the urine which would indirectly point out whether the patient drinks less water or sufficient water. Apart from this, there are other things like the pH content, the protein level, the amount of glucose etc which are also checked during a urine analysis test.

Also, while doing a urine analysis test if there are blood cells found in the urine or if there is any bacteria found, it would indicate the presence of a disease or infection. Despite this an x-ray or other tests may also be advised to reconfirm the disease or infection, and this is only done in case of abnormalities in the urine analysis test results.

Thus, one should not dismiss urine analysis test as something not important. On the contrary this is the test which will pave the way for more investigations in case of any abnormal findings in the report or put to rest any fears regarding one’s health if the report is normal.

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What Does Urine Analysis Test For