How The Body Prepares For The Onset Of Dying ?

How The Body Prepares For The Onset Of Dying ?

When a person is near to death, the body goes into its own way of preparing for death. So, how does the body prepare for the onset of dying? Well, the body, in fact, starts shutting down one system after another.

The person’s extremities get very cold, generally at the hands and feet. Since circulation of blood to the extremities is reduced, the skin looks pale. Blood is circulated only to the vital organs.

A person near to death sleeps a lot. It is not the normal sleep that everyone has. It is deep and sound and you may find it difficult to wake the person.

Disorientation is common. Very often the person is confused and does not recognize familiar faces.

A dying person suffers from incontinence. A person on his death bed loses control over his bladder and bowels.

Decrease in food and drink and little or no appetite is a common feature. This is because no hunger or thirst is felt.

The breathing cycle undergoes a change. The breath becomes shallow and there is a huge gap between breaths.

The person may seem unresponsive, withdrawn or in a coma. This indicates a detaching from the surroundings. Hearing remains till the end. Speak to your loved one and hold his hand identifying yourself by name.

The person may perform repetitive and restless tasks. He may show fear as well. Speak or read to the person and comfort him.

Decreased socialization is a common feature. The person may wish to be with just a couple of others or even with a single person. It is time to say goodbye however hard it might seem to let go.

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How The Body Prepares For The Onset Of Dying