Saline Breast Implants And Autoimmune Disease  

Autoimmune disease arises due to the overactive nature of the immune response of the body against substances and tissues which are part of the body itself.

Immune system is to provide protection to the body from external substances such as bacteria, and virus against which we normally expect protection. Sometimes the immune system becomes overactive and starts attacking its own cells.

In the case of organ transplants, it is expected that the immune system identifies the new organ as an outsider as the cells in the transplanted organ tissues are different and the immune system is bound to attack them. That is the reason why immunosuppressant drugs are used when a patient undergoes an organ transplant procedure. Saline breast implant is far different from that. Here the breast implant is not from another human being. In such a hypothetical case we may come across the body immune system working on it and the implant getting rejected.

However, recent published studies have shown that women with breast implants do not have greater risk of autoimmune diseases in comparison with women who did not have breast implant. These include connective tissue diseases such as scleroderma and lupus erythematosus.  However these studies do not rule out the possibility that some women may develop other uncommon immune related symptoms.

It is also understood that some of the connective tissue diseases are very rare and the incidence could be as low as 1 in 100,000 in the general population. If a study is conducted with a sample of 1000 women with breast implants, it is possible that we may not come across even a single case of such a disease unless the risk level goes up more than hundred fold. Studies also may not include symptoms that are not typical of disease manifestations.

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Saline Breast Implants And Autoimmune Disease




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