Dangers Of Vaccination  

Like any other medicine vaccination has its risks and also the rate of effectiveness. A lot of researches are being conducted about the human brain and cells and also the effect of various medications on human beings. The biggest risk of vaccination is what if it boomerangs?

Also recent researches have shown some connection between vaccinations of certain kinds and diseases like Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, ADHD and even Gulf War Syndrome.

The dangers of vaccination includes the activation of the immune system unnecessarily and forcing it to go against the normal metabolism.

Before knowing what are the dangers of vaccination one has to know how the vaccines work. A vaccine is a medication that contains deactivated virus or bacteria or some times live organism that has been made less effective. When these vaccinations have been injected into the body, the immune system gets activated and triggers a response making the body fight the virus. Most of the infections in human beings enter through nasal, oral, and Otis media.

Many experts believe that injecting an organism to make the body immune to certain viruses is not normal. Most of the diseases like chicken pox, small pox, measles and diphtheria do not occur in all people and they affect only some. In order to eradicate a disease it is recommended that all of them get vaccinated.

The brain has some dormant cells which get activated and act like the immune system when there is a danger. Vaccinations activate the brain cells and prolong the activation process. This is the biggest danger caused due to vaccinations.

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Dangers Of Vaccination





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