Preparing Kids For Immunizations  

Immunization is the process through which an individual’s immune system becomes fortified or is protected against an external agent. Preparing children for immunization can be a traumatic task as it involves taking shots.

These are not really painful, but to a child they are. The best approach would be to be honest and educate them about the importance of these vaccines.

Very often parents do not tell their children the need for a shot, leaving the nurse or doctor to be the “bad guy”. This may ultimately cause children to distrust doctors. By informing and educating children, kids will know what vaccines can do to help them lead a healthy life and prepare them better to take the shots.

The following steps could be followed to prepare your children for immunization:

Step 1: Talk about the appointment positively telling them how important it is to get the vaccines on time.

Step 2: Stay positive when you talk about vaccines. State facts and avoid saying things like it won’t hurt. You don’t want them to think you lied to them. Instead focus on why it is important and how painful the illness can be if they aren’t taken on time.

Step 3: Read out instances of children visiting the doctors and how fun it could be.

Step 4: Giving Tylenol before an appointment will help to keep the pain of the injection site to a minimum.

Step 5: Try to distract them and keep them from concentrating on the immunization. This would help reduce the pain.

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Preparing Kids For Immunizations





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