What Immunizations Does An Adult Dog Need ?  

A pet also stands the right to live a healthy life. It has to be taken to a veterinarian for regular check ups. One has to know about the vaccinations required and the immunizations that an adult dog needs. There are some of the criteria that would answer this question.

A dog that does not have much contact with other dogs will probably receive just a 5-way vaccination. But if the dog is exposed and is in contact with other dogs, the veterinarian may advice you to opt for a 7-way vaccination.  The veterinarian would be in a much better position to advice if Corona virus vaccine were required or not.  Lyme vaccine is the one that is required to be given to the dog if the area that you live in has ticks. To protect the dog from ticks and topical fleas, the best way out for you and your dog is to go for the tick prevention vaccination.

Dogs that are left in kennels or are taken while traveling would require being vaccinated with Bordetella to prevent it from tracheobronchitis. It is more popularly known as kennel cough. An annual check up is best advised to keep a tab and administer timely treatment, if required any. Rabies vaccine has been made a must by rules and regulations and should be given by a licensed veterinarian. 

This answers the question if the dogs really need vaccines. But how safe are they? Although there has been no reaction that has been reported, it is not without any problem with some of them being life threatening. So it is better to vaccinate and immunize only what is required.

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What Immunizations Does An Adult Dog Need





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What Immunizations Does An Adult Dog Need ? )
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