When Was The Flu Vaccine Developed ?  

Various vaccines have been developed to protect people a lot of serious life threatening diseases. Most of these vaccines, if properly administered, can prevent the onset of pandemics. Influenza is one such disease which haunted the world during the 19th century causing many pandemics across various countries.

The first onset of the disease was recorded as early as 1580. The microorganism which causes this disease was discovered as late as 1933.

The first approved vaccines for the disease was developed during 1940s which the US military used for the patients during the Second World War. Later, more research was done and with the advancement in the medical field, currently these vaccines are mass produced and are safer to use. The egg-based technology for the production of the vaccine to prevent influenza was developed during the 1950s.

The best way of protecting yourself from this deadly disease is to get vaccinated each year. There are two ways of administering the vaccine. The inactivated vaccine that contains killed virus is injected through the arm and can be taken by children over 6 months, chronic disorder patients and even healthy patients for protection. The nasal spray vaccine for this disease is made with weakened virus and can be administered to people between 2 – 49 years. It is, however, not recommended for pregnant women. The antibodies are developed about 2 weeks after vaccination for the influenza virus.

Pregnant women, children from 6 months to 19 years, people affected by chronic disorders, individuals who are over 50 years old, employees of nursing or health care facilities are advised to take the vaccine every year.

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When Was The Flu Vaccine Developed





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