Why Am I Tired In The Morning? – The Science of Sleep

Why Am I Tired In The Morning? – The Science of Sleep

                Some people can wake up at 5 A.M. every morning. Go for a 10 kilometers power walk. Then, go to work feeling fresh and relax. But, if you are anything like me, you feel the invention of alarm clock as a violation of human right. Most of us just can’t seem to shake off the feeling of tiredness. It does not matter how early you are going to bed early in the evening. But, being tired may not actually be your faults.

                There is a delicate chemical balance going on in our bodies to control how and when we will feel tired. Often, how we live our lives can upset the chemical balance within our bodies.  Scientists call the biological clock that controls our sleep pattern, “Circadian Cycle”.

                Circadian Cycle is controlled by the release of hormone from a little pea size gland which is called, “The Pineal”. This gland is located just above the middle of your brain. Around 9 P.M. of evening, the Pineal will release the hormone calls “Melatonin” to help you feel unwind and get ready to sleep. Melatonin shall remain high in your body for approximately the next 12 hours during your sleep and will gradually dissipate during the day.The natural hormone cycle of Melatonin is also the cause of alertness during the day. ( Low in the Day, High in the Evening.)

                Our bodies also use Melatonin as a natural alarm clock. When you travel through different time zone, this natural alarm clock can be thrown out of balance. It does not matter how tired you are. You will find it’s impossible to sleep if the level of melatonin in your body is low. This is the basic science of “Jet Lag”.
Scientific researches show that the Circadian Cycle work is different in different people. Scientists also discover that the adolescence Circadian Cycle is much later in the day than the adult. This is why a teenage will tend to stay up late at night and can’t wake up early in the morning.

                Circadian Cycle can easily be out of sync with the sleep cycle. This is why it’s not really your faults if you fall asleep in the early morning class.

                Scientists also discovered that electronic gadgets like smart phone, computer, iPad, etc can affect your sleeping pattern. The amount of light from these gadgets can dictate the level of Melatonin level. This makes sense from evolutionary stand point. We need to be alert during the day time and sleep during the night time. But, now, we spend our daytime in dimly lit room and our evening in a brightly artificial lit room.

                To keep your sleeping pattern normal, try to avoid screens in the hour leading to bed to let your body relax.