Bear And Bull Market History  

Both of these markets are totally opposite to each other. These markets are determined by looking at the change between the highest and the lowest prices in the stock market. Bear market dates back to the 1930-1932 which follows the Wall Street crash. Here, in this market, people loose confidence and begin to sell their shares to the third party.

Bear market began on May 29, 1946 and hit a bottom in May 1947. It goes up to a height but however afterwards it was down for two years, hitting a, low prices on May 19, 1949. The history of both these markets depends on the total returns

Since the opening of the stock market in 1914 at that point the bull market was shows an increase of 189% which lasts for 3 years and 7 months. The longest bull market occurred between May 1947 and July 1967. The shortest event of bull market came in 1932 June and 1932 September. In 1920 the bull market was strongest which was increasing by 65 percent.

Incidents of the average bear market signs displayed decrease of almost 32.7 percent which lasted for almost one year and two months. The shortest bear market crashed in 1987 and lasts for two months. The longest bear market occurred between November 1938 and April 1942.If we talk about market in past thirty five years, Standard and Poor index has entered into the bear market almost six times. One thing is to be noticed that each and every bear market were combined with huge degree of instability in market and uncertainty for investor.

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Bear And Bull Market History




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