What Is A Bull Market ?  

Bull market is described as a market in which there is a rise in prices of the securities, which results in economic boom and recovery. A bull market is often seen as a favorable state and it attracts a lot of investors. Most often, it refers to the stock market and the ferocity with which the traders and investors do the trade.More...

Bear And Bull Market History

Bear And Bull Market History

Both of these markets are totally opposite to each other. These markets are determined by looking at the change between the highest and the lowest prices in the stock market. Bear market dates back to the 1930-1932 which follows the Wall Street crash. Here, in this market, people loose confidence and begin to sell their shares to the third party.

Bear market began on May 29, 1946 and hit a bottom in May 1947. It goes up to a height but however afterwards it was down for two years, hitting a, low prices on May 19, 1949. The history of both these markets depends on the total returnsMore...


Definition Of Bull Bear Markets

Definition Of Bull Bear Markets

Every one has heard about the stock market and shares but still there is mystification about other terms such as bull and bear markets. These are the two terms which are almost baffling and confuse many people. By knowing the exact meaning of both these phrases will help the investors in removing their confusion and to invest in the best type of market.

Bull market is an optimistic market, which is always high like the energy of a bull, who is ready to face any sort of challenges. Bulls always buy and bears always sell. So, here we can say that one can investing in bull market is too risky than to invest in bear market.More...


How Long Will The Bull Market Last ?

How Long Will The Bull Market Last

No one can predict about the life of any person for how long that person will live, similarly the same way no one can make judgment about stock market whether it will grow or not. As time is heading forward, stock markets are rising day by day and are achieving new heights. The answer to the question or how long the bull market will last are becoming elusive.

If we have a look at the past data, there was hike in bull market which started in 1949. Over the last seventy years there has been a consistent rise in the major markets every nine years on an average. Talking about bull market it has shown a turning point in the history of bull market. Let us classify the bull market in the major market peaks such as 1890, 1899, 1909, 1919, 1929, 1937, 1946 and 1956. Based on this history alone, another expectation also arises in 1964 or 1965.More...





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