Ethics In Marketing Research  

Ethics in marketing research play a crucial role in understanding the subject deeply. A market researcher plays the role of intermediate between marketplace and producer. Also, a market researcher is responsible to provide information from customer or market to producer.

The conflicts between the producers, market and the customer often create ethical problems. Proper ethical guidelines are essential in marketing research. The lack of research is always dangerous for both consumers and companies. Doubtful information and behavioral expectations of market researchers should be clear.More...


The Importance Of Ethics In Marketing

The Importance Of Ethics In Marketing

Nowadays customers are demanding new products and their expectations are also rising high. Ethics play a vital role in guiding the companies to do the right thing and to be fair with the customers. These are the moral principles that define right and wrong behavior in marketing.

Ethical marketing sets out the framework to provide customers with the good marketing practices. It refers to high standards which the organization follows to provide the relative information to the customers about the product. It is a way to communicate with consumers in a positive way so that they get the preferred information which they want.More...


Definition Of Marketing Ethics

Definition Of Marketing Ethics

Marketing ethics are standards of ethics that are relevant to marketing. The professional in the same field should have complete understanding of standards and marketing law of industry and it is also important to know that how these ethics can be applied. The institutes or colleges which provide knowledge of marketing strategies or practices should also provide knowledge about the ethical standards of marketing. It is true that marketing involves buying and selling of products, services or ideas to the people in different ways, some are ethical but some are unethical. What is the advantage of marketing ethics?More...


How Ethics Influence The Design And Marketing Of Products ?

How Ethics Influence The Design And Marketing Of Products

Marketing ethics are seen as an important view point or as a key functional area in the business organization that provides visibility not only to the customers but also to the stake holders such as media, investor and business organizations etc. Ethics are all about principles present in an individual showing the right conduct which helps in shaping the decisions of the customers as well as of the organization. As our economy is focusing more and more to fulfill the needs and wants of the customers, organizations are paying more and more attention on the ethical values rather than providing simple products.More...





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