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          The stock market in Bursa Malaysia is mixed and most stocks in the recently concluded Hari Raya holiday were not traded. However, after the holiday mood, the stock market in Malaysia is still dull and the stocks are in quiet trading mode.

          However, certain stocks whose companies have specific corporate development were still attracting investors’ attention and this is also true for call warrants from China and Hong Kong.

         At the moment with the stock market watch it has been noticed that the local bourse’s performance is rather strong while the benchmark Composite Index (CI) is underperforming by nearly 8 percent when compared to other indices in the region. CI is currently seeing a support level of 1,345 while the resistance level stands at 1,392.

          This means that most investors are opting for a wait and watch strategy hoping that the next stronger push will instill confidence in the stock market Malaysia.

          However, one thing that has been gaining a lot of interest since they made their debut on the local bourse are Chinese warrants, and this is despite the trading risks associated with warrants.

          The first warrants were listed on Bursa Malaysia in early June 2007 and they have been attracting investors ever since. This is not surprising considering that the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has risen quite considerably and Hang Seng index is up nearly 50 percent to 30,000 points.

          Statistics show that most warrants on Bursa Malaysia in September 2007 had underlying Chinese securities and the most active Chinese warrants in September were Sinopec, Shenhua, and Petroch.

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Stock Market Watch Malaysia






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