How To Invest In Russian Oil ?  

If you are interested in investing in Russian oil, you may be a little disappointed to learn that most of the large oil companies are owned by the state, and this can pose a problem for a potential investor. However, there are some exceptions, like the Russian Gazprom.

The Russian company, Gazprom, is one of the largest oil companies in the world and it is listed not just on the Russian Trading System, but also on the Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange and the London Stock Exchange. Hence, if you want to invest in Russian oil, this is the company you should be looking at primarily. You can buy shares of this company using a brokerage firm. (See Reference 1)

However, before you start to invest in Russian oil, you should have a strategy in place. You have the option of investing in a publicly listed company that does business with Russian oil companies, or you can directly invest with a Russian oil corporation that is listed on the Russian stock exchange. It is important to note that oil companies that are run by the Russian government primarily work for the government and not for the stakeholders. (See Reference 1)

Conduct a thorough research on the company and try to find out what plans it has for the future. You can get a lot of information about Russian oil companies through the Energy Information Administration, which is a part of the United States Department of Energy. (See Reference 1)

Another way to invest in Russian oil is through crude oil futures. This kind of trading will allow you to invest into oil directly and you will not be risking your money by investing in a single oil company. However, it is important to note that even oil futures trading has risks involved. (See Reference 1)
Another way to invest in Russian oil is by investing in companies that provide service to the Russian oil companies. These companies are dependent on the oil companies, and hence, when the oil companies perform well, even these servicing companies do well. (See Reference 1)

Make sure you give your broker precise instructions on the companies you are interested in. Then your broker will go ahead and purchase the stocks or shares of the company. He will do it in the correct way and follow all the rules and regulations imposed not just by the US, but also by the Russian government. If you follow the aforementioned tips, you should be able to invest in Russian oil without any problems.

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How To Invest In Russian Oil


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