Where Does The United States Get Their Oil From ?  

The US is the world's largest consumer of oil, and hence, there is always an interest to know where does the United States get their oil from. As per the Department of Energy, nearly forty percent of the energy needs of the country are met via petroleum products. However, now that people are gradually becoming aware of the bad effect oil has on the environment, they would like to see their country shift towards using more sustainable resources of oil.

Around forty percent of the United States oil comes from oil fields located in the country in states such as Texas, California and Alaska. In fact, some of the oil produced by these fields is also exported to countries like Japan. The remaining sixty percent of the oil to the United States comes from foreign countries. The United States has an extremely varied interest in oil and oil products and this allows the manufacturers to produce a wide range of petroleum-based products. (See Reference 1)

Countries like Saudi Arabia, Canada, Nigeria, Colombia, Iraq and Angola export a lot of oil to the United States. Besides these countries, the United States gets its oil from the UK, Kuwait, Venezuela, Norway, Algeria and Equatorial Guinea. Many other countries export refined oil products to the US to enhance the output of the refineries located within the country. (See Reference 1)

It is believed that the maximum oil to the United States comes from OPEC member countries. OPEC, or Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries, ensure that oil prices are maintained at stable levels, and they work towards safeguarding their reserves of oil and making sure that countries get oil when they require it. However, it is imperative to note that the United States is not completely dependent on OPEC, and there are many other countries that supply oil to the United States at different prices. (See Reference 1)

Unfortunately, many of the countries that send their oil to the United States are not politically or economically stable. Hence, there is a constant worry about the stability of oil supply to the United States, as any major economic and politically upheaval in these countries could drastically affect the supply of oil to the country. This is the reason why the country maintains a substantial reserve of oil. This reserve will help it combat an emergency. Furthermore, the United States is spending a lot of money on research to develop alternative sources of energy. (See Reference 1)

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Where Does The United States Get Their Oil From


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