Calculate Mortgage Payment With Escrow  

If you are looking to calculate mortgage payment with escrow, you should first understand that a mortgage is composed of 4 components, namely principal, interest, taxes and insurance. These components are also referred to as PITI.

Principal is the amount that a lender lends and this amount has to be repaid. The interest is the cost that is charged for taking the principal from the lender. The tax is the amount that a person has to pay on the property to the local government; while the insurance is the amount that a person has to pay in case the property needs repairs or replacement if a disaster strikes.

Once the 4 components of the mortgage are added up, a person will come to know what are the monthly payments he or she would have to make during the life of the mortgage.

In order to calculate mortgage payment with escrow, it is best to use an online mortgage calculator to get the figure. This kind of calculator will give you the amount that you will have to put into the escrow account each month. If you do not get this figure, you will not be able to ascertain how much the total mortgage payments with escrow would be each month.

To get the correct figure for the payment, you will need to have some information handy. You should know what the property taxes will be for each year and what is the premium that will have to paid for hazard insurance. Some people also get flood insurance depending on where the house is located. However, while this kind of insurance is worthwhile in a flood prone area, it is not a part of an escrow account. Even the premium for the homeowner's insurance is required to make the calculation correctly. In addition, you should be aware of the minimum escrow balance that you have to maintain in a year and the maximum dollar balance that is permitted for the escrow account.

Once you are armed with all these figures, put them into the mortgage calculator. This will give you an estimate of the monthly escrow payments that you have to make.

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Calculate Mortgage Payment With Escrow




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