Interior Paint Ideas  

A well painted home creates a unique ambiance that sets the tone of the house. However, painting the interior of the home is a task that requires much deliberation. A good place to start from is the neighborhood hardware shop that stocks paint supplies. Spending some time there looking at the various color samples and asking for the correct methods to follow would go a long way in putting you in the right track.

Some basic guidelines to be kept in mind while painting the house are:

  • Making sure the colors match with the furniture of the house and are not at odds with it. Choosing the right colors also ensures that the home looks bright and cheerful whatever time of the day it may be.
  • Selection of the right kind of paint is equally important as choosing the right color. Some of them are :

    Flat Paints - Have a low shine
    Satin Paints - Have a distinctive shine and cleaning them is much easier
    Gloss Paints - They are used for painting windows and doors etc and are quite durable
    Semi-Gloss Paints - They are used for painting kitchens, bathrooms and other areas which need regular cleaning.

  • The various painting techniques starting from the basic brush and rollers to stenciling, stamping and so on for adding textures to the walls.
  • Deciding on the right amount of color that is required by measuring the area that has to be painted.
  • Proper safety measures to protect the eyes and skin by wearing goggles and overalls and also covering the furniture with tarp sheets to prevent them from getting spoiled with paint.
  • It is important to clean and sand the walls before putting on the new paint.

After the rooms have been painted it is important to air them for at least a day before shifting in.

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