Living Room Interior Designs  

A living room is the most important place of the house as it is the first thing that any visitor comes across upon entering. It plays an important role in creating the ‘first impression’ about your lifestyle and personality. So, it is very necessary to ensure that interior design of the living room is done carefully.

Following are some ideas of living room interior designs to help you get started:

  • The kind of interior design chosen for the living room should be an extension of your own personality. It should be in accordance to your personal tastes, interests, likes and dislikes.
  • A living room should look trendy and stylish. The effect can be brought about by using a good color palette for painting the walls of the room. You can either go for a monochromatic color scheme, which uses shades of one color, or a combination of contrasting colors to paint the walls. Ensure that the color scheme used blends well with the flooring, furniture, and other accessories used for interior designing.
  • Use drapes, window curtains or blinds to suit the overall theme of the living room. Usually, drapes made of rich looking fabrics are used to give the interiors a lavish appearance. Use of plush carpets or remarkable flooring can foster the sumptuous effect further.
  • Allow plenty of natural light into the room. Also, the light fixtures should be appropriately used. Consider using decorative candles on glass, metal, or stone candle stands and a beautiful fireplace to add pizzazz to your living room.
  • Complement the interior design with accessories, such as painted canvasses, colorful rugs, flower vases, indoor planters, beautiful cushions, and Swarovski crystals.
  • Lastly, the furniture of the living room should be chosen in accordance to the available floor space and the color scheme used. Instead of individual chairs, consider using a big couch and pairs of seats around a coffee table.

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Living Room Interior Designs




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