Cheap Apartment Decorating Ideas  

The interior decoration of any apartment, big or small, requires a lot of patience, time, and creativity. And, if you want to do it on a small budget, the entire task becomes even more challenging. After having paid all the bills and security deposits, majority of us become reluctant to shell out additional money for a decorating budget. However, with little hard work, imagination, and creativity, you can design a wonderful interior for your apartment at very low costs.

There is a plethora of cheap decorating ideas that can be converted into charming decorative styles if you really know what should be done with every other old thing you find in your house.
Following are a few cheap apartment decorating ideas that can help you save hundreds of dollars:


Instead of buying new furniture to suit the new house, you can do up your old furniture with a paint of coat, textured fabric, or simple accessories. You can find a lot of old furniture at a local yard sale or a nearby thrift store. In case the house is already furnished, clean the apartment furniture thoroughly and then use decorative slipcovers to cover them. This will prevent potential damage. 

If you feel the chairs look old, you can get them re-covered with a fresh fabric of your choice. Although re-upholstering fabric-covered chairs and sofas is a little sophisticated, you can try it yourself at home. All you have to do is remove the seat portion, wrap a layer of new batting and fabric at the top and around the front. Then staple the ends under the seat so that they are not visible.

The old-looking hardware, knobs, and pulls can be thoroughly cleaned with cheap cleaning solutions available in the market. Alternatively, they can be replaced by new, low-cost hardware to suit the new decorating style.

Similarly, the dining room set, centre table, and bedroom side tables can be revamped and decorated with flower vases, photo frames, or other decorative elements.


            Apartment bedrooms can be decorated using headboards made from old, broken windows, doors, or iron gates. You can refurbish the old-looking wood or metal using cover paints. You can also use glass paints to decorate the old glass windows and make your own translucent or colorful headboards.


            A large wall space can be adorned with beautiful coverlets or tapestry. Small wall spaces, on the other hand, can be decorated using professionally framed photographs, hung in a certain pattern. If you are good at crafts, you can try to frame your photographs yourself using precut frames and mats available in the market. This will help you save a lot of money. In case you do not have enough pictures, you can take photographs of some architecture or close up images of botanicals, animals, etc. from your surroundings and get them printed!

If you are not very good at painting, you need not waste money in buying original artwork. All you need to do is splash a good combination of colors or paints onto a big canvas and get it framed. You can use this original piece of modern art to decorate the main wall behind the sofa in your living room. Use a small lamp above this artwork to bring a beautiful effect.

In case it is a rented apartment, make sure you abide by all the rules while doing the interior decoration. If you drill holes in the walls to hand pictures or headboards, you might end up wasting a lot of money patching these screw holes when you leave. So, it is better to use light wall hangings and boards that can be hung using command strips or removable hooks. To conclude, if you have a small decorating budget, all you need to do is simply cover all the bases to make your apartment a warm and comfortable place to live in.

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Cheap Apartment Decorating Ideas




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