Tips On Decorating A Small Apartment  

Decorating an apartment is a challenging task, both financially as well as creatively. And if you have a small apartment, the job becomes even more difficult. There are two major things that should be kept in mind while selecting the right decorating style for your small apartment.

First, the décor should be designed in a way that the apartment looks larger and more spacious than it actually is. Secondly, it should not involve major changes that might upset your landlord or cost you several hundred dollars when you leave the house.

Therefore, before you get started, have a word with the landlord regarding the possible changes that you can make in the apartment while decorating it. Even if your landlord does not permit you to paint or make other permanent or semi-permanent changes, you need not worry. There are many decorating ideas that can be used for making the apartment a beautiful, cozy place to live in. However, it is always a better to get all your ideas and decorating plans approved by your landlord before starting the work.

Following are a few tips that can be used for converting your small apartment into a warm and comfortable abode for you and your family:

  • If you are not allowed to use attractive colors to paint the walls, you can use colorful paintings, art works, wall hangings, and photo frames to embellish them. These accessories and decorative elements can also be used to cover any ugly mark on the walls.
  • The lightings, headboards, and wall accessories should be light in weight so that they can be hung using command strips or removable hooks. This will help you save the cost of patching the screw holes when you leave the apartment.
  • If you do not have enough pictures or photo frames, consider buying some cheap frames from a local craft store, paint them using bright colors, and frame bizarre items, such as dry leaves and flower petals, printed fabric, CD covers, sheet music, etc. Such elements will not only reflect your creativity, but will also help you add a unique modern touch to your apartment.
  • Use of light, natural colors in the decoration theme creates an illusion of space and is a must for small apartments.
  • As you have little space, make sure you use it judiciously. Do not stack unnecessary clutter or muddled junk in your apartment. Also, avoid using furniture and hangings that are too large for the rooms. Huge furniture, like a couch or a big sofa, and big wall paintings will occupy a lot of space and will make your little apartment look even smaller.

Thus, decorating a small apartment to make it look cozy and beautiful is all about choosing the right colors, suitably sized furniture to match the room, and the right accessories and decorative elements.

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Tips On Decorating A Small Apartment




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