Decorating A Small Bedroom  

When it comes to planning the décor of a small bedroom, it is very necessary to make judicious use of the available floor and wall space in order to avoid a cluttered, shabby look. If the decoration is done in the right manner, a small bedroom can be made to appear much bigger and spacious than it actually is.

Here are a few ideas that you can use for decorating a small bedroom:

Instead of placing bedside tables that occupy a lot of space, you can place a mounted shelf next to your bed. In this way, you can save some floor space and create an additional shelf space for accessories, such as books, photos, small lamps, table clocks, etc. Besides, use a bed with an in-built closet or under bed storage boxes and tubs for storing all your things. This would save a lot of space, which is usually used for wardrobes and huge storage cabinets. Further, if you are willing to have a television in your room, get it mounted on the wall instead of placing it on a table or a TV stand that would occupy additional floor space. Using multipurpose furniture can also help you avoid that crammed up look in your small room.

Choosing the right color scheme is yet another important thing when decorating a small bedroom. Avoid using contrasting colors as it will make your room look even smaller. The best option is to use 2 or 3 different shades of your favorite natural, earth-tone color for the walls, moldings, as well the doors of the room. Also, make sure the ceiling is painted in white. This will make the ceiling look higher than it actually is. To further enhance the illusion of space, choose furniture with clean lines and small, subtle patterns. Also, provide maximum ventilation and natural light into the room by using light colored fabric for window curtains. Place your dressing mirror exactly opposite your window. This will help to illuminate the room further and foster the illusion of space.

Thus, with these little small bedroom decorating ideas, you can create a warm, comfortable atmosphere in the confined space of your bedroom.

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Decorating A Small Bedroom




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