Hotel Style Bedroom Decorating Style  

The décor of a luxury hotel room follows a particular color scheme and a decorative style to suit the surroundings and the location. Therefore, if you wish to impart a sumptuous look to your bedroom to make it appear similar to a deluxe hotel room, the first thing you need to do is decide the decorating theme and a color palette that would best reflect your personality, likes, and dislikes.

Here are a few ideas for hotel style bedroom decorating to make your task easier:

  • A hotel room is typically multi-functional. It is designed appropriately to serve several functions, such as grooming, sleeping, reading, working, and relaxing, at the same time in the available space. To create a similar environment in your bedroom, decide the kind of secondary areas you wish to have other than the bed. This will help you plan the space judiciously.
  • Elements, such as walls covered with textured fabrics, padded upholstered wall panels and headboards, plush carpeting, and an extra insulation between the walls, will add hotel –like comfort to your bedroom.
  • Allowing proper ventilation and natural light into the room will make the room look fresh and luxurious. However, make sure you do not use any air vents just over your bed.
  • To add pizzazz to the lavish décor and add to the comfort, use additional features such as a three-way switching control on the bedside and a small fireplace to keep you warm on cold romantic nights. The décor of the attached bathroom is an extension of the bedroom decoration and should not be ignored. Use heated towel racks, a separate room for steam bath, an elegant bath tub, and modern amenities for the hotel-style adornment of the bathroom.
  • If you have a TV or an entertainment system in your bedroom, use concealed speakers to enhance the sound effect.
  • Other important characteristic of the hotel-style bedroom decorating is the use of opulent lightings at the right places in the bedroom. Individually controlled reading lights on the bedsides, closet lights, night lamps, bathroom mirror lights, and overhead lighting in the tub area can be used to create a similar effect. Make sure you provide dimmer controls on almost every light fixture used in the room.

Last, but not the least, the bed linens, window drapes, wardrobe, and the bedroom furniture, including the bed, upholstered chairs with leather ottoman, coffee tables with glass tops, shelves, etc, should be of rich-quality. All the different elements should go well with the overall theme and match with each other in size and color.

Walls embellished with your favorite wallpapers, photo frames, or paintings can keep you connected with the theme. You can also consider making space for book shelves or a mini personal bar or a wine cooler to suit your interests.

Lastly, keep the room as sparkling clean as a hotel room. With these simple ideas and tips, you can enjoy a five star hotel-like luxury in your own bedroom.

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Hotel Style Bedroom Decorating Style




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