Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas  

When it comes to designing and decorating the master bedroom, there are certain essential things to be kept in mind. The most important factors include the layout of the bedroom, the kind of functions that you want it to have, the right color scheme, and the correct lighting.

Following are some master bedroom decorating ideas to help you get started with planning and styling:

1. Choosing the Right Colors: Choose a color scheme that reflects your personality and the mood that you wish to set for the room. If you want a relaxing ambience in the master bedroom, go for different tones of neutral colors, such as brown, grey, white, and black. However, avoid using too many colors simultaneously as it might make your room look crammed up. Do not go for traditional feminine colors, such as a combination of pink, white, and red. It is usually difficult to match them with the other decorative elements of a master bedroom. Colors than you can consider for the secondary areas include decent combinations of maroon and taupe, yellow and cream, lilac and gray, sage and tan, or dusty blue and chocolate brown.

2. Arranging the Furniture: The master bedroom should have space for sleeping, relaxing, dressing, reading, and sitting. If you have a small room, you can save the space occupied by the dressing area by using a walk-in closet. The bed and the accent wall behind it are the main focal points of the room. The wall can be adorned using colored, textured fabric or a wall painting. Also place a small, comfortable reading chair besides the bed, next to the window, or by the fireplace to create your own cozy space for reading and relaxing. Wardrobes, storage cabinets, coffee tables, bed side tables, etc, can also be arranged accordingly. If the master bedroom is very spacious, use the couch or a curtain to separate different areas in the room.

3.Lighting Ideas: Different lightings should be chosen for different areas of the master bedroom. To create a romantic ambience, use candle stands and light strings to decorate the room. For main lighting, it is best to use a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. It will impart a classy and romantic look to your master bedroom. Use individual reading lights at the bed sides and natural or brighter lights near the dressing area. Use room darkening blinds along with the window curtains to create a dim light effect in the evenings and impart a softer look to the bedroom.

You can base the decorating theme of your choice on these basic ideas for decorating your master bedroom.

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Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas




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