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A bedroom is the place where a person relaxes and revitalizes after a hard day's work. It is a place to sleep, read, and romance. We have to live with it every day. The bedroom should, therefore, be a warm and comfortable place with a décor that suits your personality and interests. However, decorating the interiors of your new bedroom is a challenging task, both creatively and financially.

Following are few new bedroom decorating ideas to make your task simpler:

  • Neutral, earth colors that go well with almost every theme are the best choice for a new bedroom. If you wish to have an easy-to-maintain décor with a contemporary touch, consider a modern bedroom theme. Use a good blend of shades of green and beige, mauve and white or golden to give a chic look to the room.
  • Instead of the traditional velvety drapes, use textured fabrics in soft colors for coverings, window curtains, and wall decoration. Upholstery with geometric patterns is in fashion and imparts a trendy look to a bedroom.
  • Add pizzazz to the décor of the room with modern decorative accessories, such as metal lightings, chandeliers, wall hangings, night lamps, and bed-side lamps. However, use minimum accessories to avoid a cluttered and shabby look.
  • The look of the room also largely depends on the kind of furniture you use. In a modern theme, irregular shaped cocoon beds, platform beds, and Italian leather beds are the best bets. You can choose the one that suits your budget and personality. Other furniture, including the chairs, wardrobe, tables, couch, and lamp stands, etc., should be symmetrical and in perfect harmony with each other. However, if you wish to go for a more traditional look, country style furniture would be the best choice.
  • Allow a lot of natural light into the room to keep it fresh and throw away all the unnecessary clutter to keep it sparkling clean.

In addition to the aforesaid basic elements, it is also very necessary to choose a specific scheme or a good combination of two or more themes for the bedroom. Here are a few modern decoration themes and ideas that can be followed to decorate you new room:

  • Italian: Use typical Italians colors, such as gray and brown, for the wall paint, fabrics, furniture, and upholstery. Sleek leather chairs, an Italian leather bed, five geometric-shaped mirrors on the accent wall behind the bed, and a small glass table with a flower vase can impart a beautiful, Italian touch to your room. 
  • Japanese: To give atypical Oriental look to your room, paint the accent wall in bright red and the other three walls in a dull white shade. A traditional Raku Japanese tatami bed or a low-heightened platform bed with a long bolster pillow featuring Japanese inscriptions can further enhance the modern look. An oriental rug, natural plants, wooden furniture, and a yellow light lamp can together create the rest of the effect.
  • Fun Bedroom Idea: If you are fun loving, you can use a combination of a mauve color scheme, asymmetrical, white furniture, a cocoon bed, and paper lanterns.
  • Similarly, use a red and pink color scheme with opulent lightings and candles to create a romantic ambience in your new bedroom.

Thus, with a little creativity and patience, you can lend a classiness and warmth to your personal space that is more or less an extension of your own personality.

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New Bedroom Decorating Ideas




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