Western Bedroom Decorating  

The western style of bedroom decoration is characterized by unique decorative features, such as bright colored bedspreads with patterns of bows, arrows, or cattle heads, a wagon wheel bed, matching curtains and wall fabrics, horse statues, and ceramic cowhands placed at the dresser base.

However, when you opt for western bedroom decorating, you need not buy all of thee accessories from the market. Many of them, such as the patterned fabrics, can be made at home, using a little imagination and creativity. For instance, you can take a plain, strong colored bedspread and stamp various patterns on it. Instead, buy cloth appliqués depicting western style patterns and figures and stitch or stick them on the bed linens and window curtains.

The main color scheme that best suits a western bedroom décor includes shades of black, brown, tans, and other bright, natural colors. This color scheme can be complemented with secondary colors, such as white, cream, and turquoise, for accessories and wall embellishments. A white carpet and fabric patterns like black and white cow heads can foster the western style effect in the room.

Another interesting idea is to hang a rope lasso on the wall, lamp stands, and lampshade edges. The same can be used for throw pillows and area rugs as well. To embellish the room furniture and walls, arrange framed pictures of cowboys, horses, cows, buggies, and Indians in symmetrical patterns. To add that little something to the room, replace the old, traditional drawer knobs with knobs designed to suit the style of the old west. You can find a large variety of western knobs in the markets, ranging from those shaped like horses to the ones designed to look like entwined ropes.

Instead of the conventional flower vases, place beautiful arrangements of fresh flowers in a glass vase set in a cut boot. Other accessories that can be used for western style decorating include brass rings, cow hides, horse bits and whips, hang up stirrups, wooden shapes to hang on walls, a milking bucket cowboy hats, and mirrors with silver metallic corners and shapes. To add a more dramatic look, use old belt buckles for drawers and arrow shaped ceiling pan pull! These are just a few ideas that can be used as a part of western bedroom decoration. Use your creativity to think of more ideas to convert your bedroom into a comfortable place that would remind you of the Old West.

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Western Bedroom Decorating




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