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If you think the décor of a bedroom can be made to look lavish only with expensive, sleek luxury furniture, you are highly mistaken. You can impart a hotel-like designer look to your bedroom even in a small budget, using cheap bedroom furniture, which not only looks good but is also easily available. Instead of purchasing an entire matched furniture suite, consider mixing and matching individual pieces of furniture to suit the decorating theme of your room.

You can either refurbish your old furniture or purchase inexpensive furniture from a local furniture shop or a yard sale. Some stores sell used furniture at attractive prices. You can buy such second-hand furniture and revamp it with a little creativity and elbow grease. Alternatively, you can look for new furniture that has been returned to the stores due to minor defects in the finishing. These defects are not obvious and can be concealed very easily. Any furniture dealer would be ready to offer you such defective merchandise at low costs.

When using cheap bedroom furniture, the key to a right décor is to make sure that all the pieces of furniture, though collected individually, share the same wood tone and style. Using a mismatched set of bedside tables instead of a pair can save a lot of money. However, make sure the mismatch is done in a way that it is in harmony with the rest of the arrangement. This would make your furniture appear like an intentional collection rather than something that was purchased because it was cheap.

A cheap headboard can be made at home by spray painting an old window frame or an iron gate. Alternatively, you can use a colorful, textured fabric or a huge square on the accent wall behind the bed to create a faux headboard. Also keep the furniture minimal and make sure whatever you have goes well with the proportions of your bedroom. Consider using plastic storage tubs and boxes that can fit under the bed instead of huge, expensive wardrobes and storage cabinets.

Cheap bedroom furniture available in the market usually has simple, clean lines and is best suited for a contemporary theme of bedroom decoration. It is made out of laminate and does not cost you as high as real wood. Staining or spray painting this kind of furniture with dark shades of neutral colors can make them appear as if made of real, high-quality wood. Thus, using cheap bedroom furniture in the right manner, as described above, can help you impart a modern look to your bedroom. You can get more ideas from live shows, like Trading Spaces, where expert interior decorators are required to decorate a room in two days with just $1000.

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Cheap Bedroom Furniture




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