Decorating For Christmas On A Budget  

Every year, during the Christmas season, we end up spending huge sums of money on decorating our houses with Christmas trees, accessories, big blow up creations, and all sorts of lightings. These decorations last for only a few weeks and it makes no sense to waste so much money, especially when you can do the same thing at low costs!

The job of decorating for Christmas on a limited budget becomes even easier if you have done decorations in the past. Decorating elements and accessories are things that do not spoil easily. Therefore, preserve carefully what you have for the coming year celebrations. Buying the same things every year makes absolutely no sense. This way you will not only be able to save a lot of money, but also create some family traditions that can be passed from one generation to another.

However, if you do not have decorations of the previous year, here are a few tips and ideas for decorating for Christmas on a budget by using things that you already have at home:

  • Take a large green cloth with red geometric or floral patterns, or vice versa, and sew a golden border around it. Use this cloth to cover the central table and adorn it further using colorful candles of different shapes and sizes. If you do not have decorative candles, use small and shallow cups made of baked mud or light materials such as asbestos, bronze, or aluminum. Pour a little oil and cotton wicks in them to bring the lighting effect.
  • Light cups and candles can also be made to float on water filled in a bowl placed in the center of the table. Let some rose petals of different colors cover the surface of the water to add pizzazz and impart a sumptuous look to the décor.
  • Use red and green satin ribbons to make bows or other design for the stairways and the front porch. Let your kids contribute to the decorations by making colorful designs on constructions papers. You can frame them at home and use for decorating the walls.
  • The front door of the house can be decorated using branches and twigs from evergreen trees and stems of red berries.

Similarly, with a little imagination and creativity, you can think of many such fun ideas to decorate your house for this Christmas on a small budget. The key is to use natural materials from the outdoors and making the most of what you already have for the decorations.

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Decorating For Christmas On A Budget




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