Feng Shui When Selling Your House  

Selling a house is very challenging and not always easy to do. From deciding the right prices to keeping the home sparkling clean all the time, marketing the house should be done in the right manner to achieve desired results. If you have been trying to sell your house, but in vain, try the following traditional Chinese Feng Shui tips to help sell your house faster:

In order to connect well to the senses of the prospective buyers in every possible way, your house should not only look good, but also feel, sound, and smell good. Make sure everything in the house is kept clean and free of muddled clutter. Also, to emphasize the Feng Shui good luck area, attract the buyers’ attention to the corner diagonal to the door of each room. A mirror in front of the main door, a fountain, fresh flowers, earthly scents, and soft music can further foster the positive energy.

The front door should be carefully designed and decorated in Feng Shui style to create a good first impression on the visitors.

Present the new owners with small Feng Shui gifts, like a small bowl filled with chocolates or a colored door mat for the front door.

The right side of the front door is the energetic or the Yang side of your house and should be used to place the For Sale signboard.

The table in the foyer should be covered with a red cloth and used for keeping books, a flower vase, an acrylic business card holder, and a bowl of candies.

The most important area for sales is the northwest corner, also known as the helpful people’s area. Harmonize and stimulate this area with soft music played on a player or an instrument.

Keep the clutter, debris, knives, sharp metals, and dustbins out of sight, especially in the kitchen. Placing a glass jar filled with cookies and a fresh plant on the kitchen counter also brings in the positive effects.

Remove all the plants that touch the walls of the house or are dead.

Make sure no prospective buyer sees a bathroom immediately upon entering the room. Keep the bathroom doors closed and the toilet lids down.

If this basic Feng Shui tips are followed when selling your home, the job will be done with great ease and you will be able to close the deal at great prices!

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