What Is Paint Made From ?  

Any paint is made from 4 basic components, namely pigments, binder, carrier or solvent, and additives. Each one of these four components has a different role to play and imparts a distinctive property to the paint, as described below.More...

Best Waterproofing Paint

Best Waterproofing Paint

Use of waterproofing paints in the basement, garage, or on the exterior walls of the house helps to prevent damage caused by excess moisture and provide protection to the house against extreme climates. Some kinds of waterproofing paints are great vapor barriers and are used to prevent the moisture from seeping in through the walls and ceilings.More...



Best Paint For Garage Floors

Best Paint For Garage Floors

A garage is an important area of your house and safeguarding and maintaining it regularly is equally significant. To make your garage look sparkling clean, it is inevitable to keep the dust down by painting its concrete floors by using the best paint for garage floors.More...



Tips For Kitchen Paint Colors

Tips For Kitchen Paint Colors

Kitchen is one of the most important areas if the house and its regular maintenance, decoration, and cleanliness have a direct bearing on the health of the family. Decorating the kitchen is no doubt a challenging task and choosing the right paint color for the kitchen is even more difficult. A lot of elements need to be taken into account when working on kitchen paint colors.More...



Best Colors To Paint A House To Sell

Best Colors To Paint A House To Sell

When putting your house on sale, it is important to first market it well. In order to lure the prospective buyers, you have to make your house appear beautiful and one of its kinds in the whole area. Besides cleanliness and a good interior design, it is the color of the house that can make a big difference to its overall appearance.More...



How To Paint A Room ?

How To Paint A Room

Painting a room is not as difficult as it seems to be. The task can be made much easier by following certain basic guidelines and tips on How To Paint A Room ? correctly. By using the following tips and keeping certain thumb rules in mind, you can avoid many common mistakes that usually occur when one starts painting a room.More...


How To Paint Paneling ?

How To Paint Paneling

Painting paneling of the house can make it look really beautiful. A dark and gloomy looking paneling can be brightened up in no time by using the right approach to paint paneling. Before you get started, you need to complete the two preparation processes involved in the task, namely deglossing and priming.More...



How To Paint Sheetrock ?

How To Paint Sheetrock

Painting sheetrock walls and ceilings of a house is not a very difficult task to do. All you need to ensure is that the right approach is used to paint the sheetrock. However, in order to impart a professional touch that will last longer, it is necessary to go through all the six processes involved, namely preparation and joint filling imperfections, corners, rubbing down, sealing, and painting, in an orderly manner.More...





Interior Designing :

What-Color-Should-I-Paint-My-House      What Color Should I Paint My House ?? This is a common question that bothers almost every person planning to design or renovate his house. Painting the house is not as difficult as choosing the right color to paint. Selecting a color that best suits the size and design of your house can be a challenging task. For instance, while a dull color adds monotony to the design, a very bright color can make the house look too gaudy. More..





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