List Of Popular Mortgage Companies  

For a financial institute to become a popular mortgage company, one has to look beyond its financials and management.

All the companies in the US that are on the list of popular mortgage companies have managed to reach that position because of the way they have adapted to changing situations. They resorted to innovation to ensure that they could offer consumers what they were looking for.

Here is a list of some popular mortgage companies:

The first on the list is the Citigroup. In fact, this lender is the topmost mortgage company not just in America, but also in the world. It has been around for several decades and today, it operates in more than 54 countries other than the US. In fact, due to its innovation, the Citigroup makes majority of its revenue by giving mortgages in countries where this was not considered to be a financial option.

The next on the list is Bank of America. It is the third largest bank in the US and excels in providing mortgages and loans to small businesses. In addition, it is also one of the major credit card providers in the US.

Wells Fargo is also another popular mortgage company in the US. Though its customers are mainly those who are looking for subprime mortgages, it also provides other types of mortgages through its 1,000+ mortgages branches spread across the US.

One of the other popular mortgage companies in the US is Wachovia. Although the company provides home mortgages, it is also quite dominant in the auto mortgage sector in the US.

Other popular mortgage companies in the US include Golden West Financial, Marshall and Ilsley, Commerce Bancorp and AmSouth Bancorp.

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List Of Popular Mortgage Companies




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