What Does An Eviction Notice Look Like ?  

An eviction notice is a legal form issued by the court. The purpose of it is to make a tenant vacate the premises. It is requested by the landlord of the house. If a landlord is unable to make the tenant vacate the house due to specified reasons, then they can approach the court for a legal order.

The most common reasons for the landlord to request an eviction notice from the court are non payment of rent, violation of terms in the rental agreement or threat to the property.

An eviction notice sometimes may be unconditional where the tenant is not allowed any time to stay or pay back the rent. Sometimes based on the case the eviction notice can allow some amount of time to the tenant to pay up the rent and clear the dues.

An eviction notice looks like a simple receipt. It has the court stamp on it and looks very much like a legal document. It contains the court's name, address and the date it was issued. The subject line on the notice will contain the reasons for eviction. The effective date of the notice and the notice period would be mentioned on the notice. It will also contain the name of the person on whose name the notice has been issued. An eviction notice is a legal form that can be executed by the sheriff if need be.

An eviction notice can also reflect on the person’s credit report. Usually it reflects on the credit report for about 7 years.

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What Does An Eviction Notice Look Like




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