Process For Eviction  

Process For Eviction

If a tenant has not been paying the rent and you have been polite for a long time, then there is an obvious need to evict them. However, a landlord who wants to evict the tenant needs to follow the state laws accordingly. A landlord cannot use back door methods such as turning of electricity and stopping water. These are not legally approved methods. A landlord who does something like this may be liable for damages, and the case may turn against him or her.More...

What Can A Landlord Say Prior To An Eviction ?

What Can A Landlord Say Prior To An Eviction

Eviction is a legal process. No landlord can evict a tenant verbally. An eviction notice comes after all efforts to ask a tenant to vacate are exhausted. Usually an eviction notice is given to adamant or problematic tenants.More...



Eviction Of Problem And Roommate

Eviction Of Problem And Roommate

Eviction of tenants is a big problem being faced by home owners these days. Most people do not even know if they have a choice in this matter. Some people share their accommodation and have roommates. If you find a good roommate, then you are lucky. However, sometimes room mates do not get along or there may be reasons for one of them to move out.More...



Evictions And House Arrest

Evictions And House Arrest

A person is placed under house arrest when the prison does not seem to be an appropriate measure enough. People get placed under house arrest for several reasons like crime, misdemeanor, or any type of law breaking issues. A house arrest is a slighter punishment than prison sentence, and person under this type of punishment may not have committed a very big crime.More...


How Would An Eviction Show Up On Credit ?

How Would An Eviction Show Up On Credit

Any person, who cares about their credit report, would try their best to avoid an eviction notice from the court. An eviction notice from your landlord will not show up on the credit report, but the one from the court will definitely show up. It is best to avoid it. Or else, it will take 7 years to disappear from your credit report.More...



What Does An Eviction Notice Look Like ?

What Does An Eviction Notice Look Like

An eviction notice is a legal form issued by the court. The purpose of it is to make a tenant vacate the premises. It is requested by the landlord of the house. If a landlord is unable to make the tenant vacate the house due to specified reasons, then they can approach the court for a legal order.More...




How-To-Write-A-Eviction-Notice      An eviction notice is usually a legal court order asking the tenant to move out with immediate effect. In case the tenant does not follow the court order, the sheriff will come and execute the order personally. However, every landlord should give the tenant a self written eviction notice before approaching the court. More..





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