Cease And Desist Letter For Tenant From Landlord  

A cease and desist letter is a legal document obtained form the court to stop debtors or any kind of collection people to stop calling you or contacting you. In such a case, the debtor is allowed one last time to contact you beyond which they are ordered complete restraint from you.

The cease and desists order is sent to the landlord and after that the landlord cannot bother the tenant in any way directly. It can be other way round also. If a landlord does not wish to talk with the tenant any further, he or she can get a cease and desist court order. There may be several reasons for that. It could collection of advances or returning deposit amounts. Sometimes, even landlords can be in a position where they cannot pay back the advance or deposit taken.

A cease and desist letter is used to stop a debt collecting agency or a debtor to continuously call you and harass you. It has specific usage legally.

Sometimes, landlords resort to cease and desist letter for tenants when the tenants end up having parties late in the night that disturb the neighbors, leave their dog outside who keeps barking the whole day, cut down trees that are present on jointly owned land with the next door neighbor, or end up building a fence that infringes into the neighbor's property. The letter ensures that the tenant immediately stops that particular activity that spoils the neighborhood or has an adverse impact on the neighbors.

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Cease And Desist Letter For Tenant From Landlord




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