Laws On Breaking A Rental Agreement  

As a tenant, if you break the rental agreement, then the landlord can initiate a legal action against you. The legal action may be getting you evicted without notice. Sometimes, you may also be charged against it. If the tenant does not live up to even one clause on the agreement, then it amounts to breaking the agreement.

The most typical cases are the tenant not paying the rent. Sometimes, tenants will have to break the lease due to unavoidable circumstances like divorce for example. However, several rental agreements say that a tenant cannot break a lease for one complete year. And, if they do so, then they will need to pay the rent for the remaining months. If you have signed the lease, then you are liable to pay. The lease is a binding legal agreement.

However, there is no law that states that you cannot break the lease agreement. When you break it, you have to meet the consequences mentioned in the lease agreement. If you know your landlord personally, then you can possibly ask for reconsideration.

Like any agreement, even the lease agreement is different from state to state. Usually the lease agreement laws state that if you are breaking the lease, then you need to either find a tenant for the rest of the time period or pay the remaining months rent. This is called early release of the lease.

However, some lease agreements do not contain early release clause, and these are called boilerplate lease agreements.

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Laws On Breaking A Rental Agreement




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