Complaints About Return Of Security Deposit  

A security deposit is an amount that the landlord keeps to safeguard the property in case of damage by the tenant. Many tenants end up causing damage to the rental property, leaving the landlord to foot huge bills. The security deposit is taken so that it can serve as backup money if the tenant has not paid the rent, caused damages to the property, or not paid any bills.

In many cases, there is often a disagreement between the landlord and the tenant about the security deposit. When the landlord inspects the house before the tenant moves out, they look for all possible reasons to hold back the security deposit. That is why tenants have to be extra careful while signing the rental agreement. They should make sure that the apartment has no damages while they are moving in it. Even if it has, then it should immediately be brought to the landlord's notice. 

Before the landlord come to inspect the house, it is best to make sure that the house is in the same condition, more or less, when you moved in. The land lord cannot charge you for the walls looking older. Paint is something that wears out with time, and the landlord cannot charge the tenant for that. In addition, the landlord cannot charge you for regular wear and tear. However, if you have damaged the wall by putting in too many nails, then your security deposit will be held back.

In case your landlord is holding back the security deposit without reason, then you should file a complaint. The landlord should have a very valid reason to do that legally.

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Complaints About Return Of Security Deposit







Complaints About Return Of Security Deposit )
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