Steps To Selling A Home Privately  

A seller would try to sell his property privately primarily to save money that he would be paying to the agent. In most transactions, a seller who uses any real estate agent gives around 3 percent as commission this works out to be approximately $15,000 on a home that costs around $500,000. In few cases the rates may go higher.

The reason for people to pay this big chunk to an agent is that they presume agents help in negotiating the deal well and can assist in marketing the home. But, one should keep in mind that it is not the agent who sells the house.

A house is sold by its own performance. For example, if you have some knowledge in real estate and you are able to keep up the standards of your house, you can also sell your house privately without an intervention of an agent. To sell your house privately, here are two simple tricks.

Research The Market - the first thing is that you should be patient and invest some of your valuable time if you want good returns. Analyzing the real estate market would do lot good. You would be able to know what will be the current rate of similar houses in the market. Pay some time in finding out the prices of the houses which have been sold in your locality in last six months. This would give you an idea about assessing the value of your property.

Independent Evaluation - You should be able to set the right price for your house in the market. A house or a property which lingers in the market unsold for long is likely to be sold at a lesser price because buyers would start attaching doubts with it. It is imperative to get independent evaluation done at the fastest possible time.

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Steps To Selling A Home Privately




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