How Do I Do My Own Home Inspection ?  

If you are planning to purchase a house, it is very important to get it inspected so, that in future you don’t repent on the investment made by you. If possible, it is always better to get the home inspected by yourself. A detail inspection by you will provide you lot of satisfaction. When doing a self inspection your focus should be more on the areas that require repair or replacement.

You must see the roof and the gutter before making an entry to the home. Ensure that the top most point of the roof is in proper level and that none of its parts are hanging. There should not be any broken edges or holes in the roof. Gutters must be strongly fixed to the house directing the rain away from the buildings foundation.

Thereafter check the chimney. It should not be bended anywhere all along its length. Search for any missing bricks or loose mortar. Then check the walls carefully. They should be straight and not be bowing and bulging. Inspecting the buildings foundation is a must. Check for any cracks, damage, flaking or moving sections of the foundation. Any white colored chalk like material on the concrete is a sign of leakages. See that the mortar put between the cement blocks are in good shape. Check all the doors thoroughly. There should not be rotting. The bottom of the door should be weather stripped. Check for the correct alignment and locking of all the doors. Then move on to check the windows open and close each of them to see that they are not damaged. Check the floors and the tiles they should not be slopping.

Check the kitchen thoroughly. Make sure that all electrical appliances are in proper working condition. Check the cabinets and the plumbing system. Also, check the bathroom. There should not be drippings. Flush the toilets. Make sure they are working well.

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How Do I Do My Own Home Inspection




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Things-To-Look-For-In-Home-Inspection      Make sure that the home you are investing in is in good condition after all it involves a huge amount. The best way to ensure that you are investing in the right thing is to get home inspected by a certified home inspection professional. It will fetch you few dollars but then this small investment would be beneficial to you in the long run. For you, a home may appear to be perfect and in good shape, but an inspector would go into the minute details pinpointing the flaws not noticed by you. More..





How Do I Do My Own Home Inspection ? )
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