What To Look For During Home Inspection ?  

Home inspections are meant to guard you from unforeseen repairs and expenses after you own the home. During the pre-sale period if there is any shortcoming noticed by the inspection, the same can be either corrected by the seller, or if he does not agree to carry out the repair all by himself, then the buyer can easily negotiate with the sale value.

Therefore, a home inspection is a valuable step towards making an investment in home. The home inspection carefully examines all the aspects of the home that is being put up for sale.

There are usually six most important factors related to a home inspection. These are as follows:

Foundation - The reliability of any structure depends on the basic foundation. The inspector checks the foundation first for any cracks or other form of damage. If any damage is noticed then the home needs to be checked further for its reliability.

Roof - The roof plays the next important factor. During the roof inspection the inspector determines whether or not it has any leakages. Inspector checks for any huge tree hanging on the roof causing extra stress on it.

Drainage System - It is vital to have a proper drainage system. Ideally to protect the home from flooding, the land in the surroundings should be tilting away from the house, approximately 6 to 8 inches of the foundation should be seen. Also, all the gutter and drainage spouts should be facing away from the house.

Doors and Windows - Other than searching for broken glasses the inspector checks few other relevant points like all of them should open and shut properly. Whether there is a possibility of termite infestation.

Walls, Floors and Ceilings - These are checked thoroughly for presence of any water damage. Any cracks or gaps should be inspected properly to rule out insect damage or termite infestation.

Electrical systems and Appliances - Electrical system would include any fixtures, circuit breakers, all outlets. Heating and cooling systems are tested and assessed. Also all appliances existing in the home are thoroughly checked for its condition.

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What To Look For During Home Inspection




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