Elderly Abandonment By Power Of Attorney  

Elderly abandonment is a reality of our society today. Even if we do not want to know about it, every time you open the paper, you will be able to read stories about elderly abandonment. There are laws to protect the elderly from abandonment but unfortunately elderly neglect and abandonment still happens.

Earlier the elderly were abandoned in the public place without any identity far from home. This is still happening but in a completely different manner. Many caregivers are now getting their elderly relatives or patients to sign over the power of attorney to them and once they have this, they are abandoning the elderly. This is now known as elderly abandonment by power of attorney.

Usually elderly abandonment by power of attorney is done by a family member or a person who is close and trusted by the elderly. We know that what drives this is greed and stress. A caregiver may not have the resources or strength to look after the elderly person so he thinks that the best solution available to him is to abandonment the person. However, he does it only after he has control over the elderly person's assets.

Elderly abandonment by power of attorney also happens when a family member wants his inheritance before the elderly relative either wills it away to his favorite charity or spends it all on his care.

An elderly person will only give power of attorney to another person if he is completely dependent on that person emotionally, mentally and/or physically. And then this person abuses the trust by resorting to elderly abandonment by power of attorney.

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Elderly Abandonment By Power Of Attorney




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