Elderly Abandonment By Power Of Attorney  

         Elderly abandonment is a reality of our society today. Even if we do not want to know about it, every time you open the paper, you will be able to read stories about elderly abandonment.

Elderly Abandonment By Power Of Attorney            There are laws to protect the elderly from abandonment but unfortunately elderly neglect and abandonment still happens.

Earlier the elderly were abandoned in the public place without any identity far from home. This is still happening but in a completely different manner. Many caregivers are now getting their elderly relatives or patients to sign over the power of attorney to them and once they have this, they are abandoning the elderly. This is now known as elderly abandonment by power of attorney. More...


Driving Laws For The Elderly

Driving Laws For The Elderly

According to experts, the United States will see an increase in elderly drivers three times the present number in the next 20 years. This increase is foreseen as quite substantial and that is why many people are urging the US to relook at its driving laws for the elderly.

Although as drivers age, research has shown that elderly drivers tend to change their driving habit but the same research has also proven that elderly drivers are more like to be involved in accidents compared to younger drivers.More...



Elderly Driving Statistics

Elderly Driving Statistics

According to elderly driving statistics, it is clear that elderly drivers have more fatal car accidents than any other age group. In addition, elderly drivers are more at risk of dying after being involved in a vehicular accident because of their frailty.

Elderly driving statistics further show that by 2030, the elderly would comprise nearly 25 percent of the total people driving and they will be involved in nearly 25 percent of fatal vehicular accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has revealed elderly driving statistics and this shows that in 2006, when the last data was computed, there were nearly 30 million elderly drivers driving on the streets of America. The statistics further showed that in 2006, 6,017 elderly people were killed in road accidents and this figure is around 14 percent of total people killed by road accidents. More...







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