Chinese Anti Aging Secrets  

China is an ancient land full of culture, religion and knowledge. There are several Chinese medicines that are based on herbs and have been put to use for several centuries.  Some of the best anti aging products that we have available today are based on Chinese principle of medicine.

Aging is not a newly found condition and people have known about it since they existed. Also, from several thousands of years people have been using anti aging products to delay aging and keep the skin looking healthy. Mostly women expressed their interest in beauty products and several natural extracts from herbs, plants and trees have been used for keeping the skin healthy. For example, Cleopatra was known to be obsessed with her skin and she used to bathe every day only in milk. She used some special herbs and flowers like saffron to keep her skin from aging.

The Chinese who have an age old tradition for everything and these date back to thousands of years and are being continued even today. Chinese use different types of tea to fight aging and some of the most these include chamomile, white tea, and also the green tea. They used the tea plant's medicinal properties to fight aging and even weight problems. The Chinese believe that as long as a person stays fit and thin, even their skin stays younger for a long period of time. Tea has several antioxidants which help in purifying the skin and removing all the toxins that harm the skin layers and cells.

This is one of the best kept Chinese anti aging secrets.

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Chinese Anti Aging Secrets



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