Antioxidants Affects On The Body  

What are antioxidants? Skin needs oxygen to stay fresh, look young and healthy just like every other organ in the body. The need for oxygen by the skin is much more than any other part of the body.

However, many external and internal factors can actually deprive the skin of oxygen. Dehydration, lack of water, harsh sun light, pollution and also bad diet are some of the factors that influence the skin on an everyday basis.

To fight the bad effects of these factors the skin needs anti oxidants. Anti oxidants are available in several forms in nature in fruits, leaves, roots, herbs and even natural food products. Anti oxidants can also be found in some chemical compositions and in chemical forms. Antioxidants have several good effects on the body and they are very beneficial to almost all the parts of the body.

Anti oxidants have been found to be helpful in reducing cholesterol and helping certain heart conditions. In addition, they help in cell repair and repair torn ligaments in the body. Anti oxidants have been found to work very well on athletes and sports people. When taken on a regular basis, anti oxidants immediately repair ligaments or strained joints in the body.

The beneficial properties of anti oxidants are being used in several forms for anti aging, cell repair, tissue repair and cholesterol control today. There are several everyday food products that are rich in anti oxidants like all citrus fruits, tomatoes, papaya, herbs  like eat, acai berry and many more.

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Antioxidants Affects On The Body



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Antioxidants Affects On The Body )
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