Calorie Restriction And Hormone Release  

Calorie restriction is known to make the heart muscles more flexible and also increase the longevity of a person’s life. In an experiment conducted on mice, it was observed that a calorie restricted diet helped the mice live longer and delayed the aging patterns. Also, a calorie restricted diet controls some types of hormonal release like insulin, which is made in the liver.

Calorie restriction diets also have been found to have a direct impact on the liver and changes the way the liver functions in the body. Insulin seems to be much more regulated and with a low calorie diet the body’s absorption capacity seemed to be better. More than having a low calorie diet, having a well planned diet seemed to benefit people better. Within the low calorie diet if the empty calorie and the fats were substituted with proteins and vitamin content, the person could lose weight and also seem healthier.

Insulin is mainly produced by the pancreas and the liver in the body. The main role of insulin is to absorb the sugars from the food and convert them into energy. There are other acids that help insulin do this but the main functionality of the hormone is related to the food we eat. Also, it helps with the growth of the body. Insulin deficiency could result in several conditions and diseases. The liver produces insulin-based on the amount of food we eat. A low calorie diet would need lesser insulin even if the quantity is more.

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Calorie Restriction And Hormone Release



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Calorie Restriction And Hormone Release )
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