Can Extreme Calorie Restriction Prolong Lives?  

Calorie restriction is gaining a lot of popularity among dieticians and health conscious people. The new concept called calorie restriction with optimal nutrition is the latest diet plan that is doing the rounds. It is an optimum nutrition plan that has been designed by the most famous dieticians and it can be used by anyone.

It basically provides the person with all the vitamins and minerals, and also the proteins and carbohydrates needed by the body. At the same time it also cuts down the calorie intake by nearly forty percent. Calorie restriction diets have been experimented on mice so far and they seemed o show positive effects like better heart rate and prolonged lives. Will the same be suited for humans?

Human beings have different body needs and we live under different environmental circumstances. Will the same concept of calorie restriction suit us in the same way like it suited the mice is a question that we need to ask ourselves. However, when one goes through a low calorie diet, they should take a closer look on the types of food mentioned in the diet. If the diet is capable of giving all the vitamins, nutrients and proteins required by the body, then it would definitely be beneficial to follow it. It cannot result in anorexia because you are taking care of yourself through a proper diet.

However, people can be smarter about planning their calorie restricted meals and substitute unwanted food with beneficial food. Also, the calorie intake should be cut down gradually. Extreme calorie restriction will not prolong life. Instead a person may end up suffering from malnutrition and other health-related problems.

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Can Extreme Calorie Restriction Prolongs Lives ?



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Can Extreme Calorie Restriction Prolongs Lives ? )
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