Pros And Cons Of Cryogenics

Pros And Cons Of Cryogenics

Cryogenics is a process of preserving the dead to resuscitate them in the future. There have been several arguments about this subject on ethical and moral grounds. The government is still in a dilemma whether to fund the research for this department of science or not.

It is very important for a person to consider the pros and cons of a newly found subject before it is completely written off.

Pros of Cryogenics:
Cryogenics is a new form of science and it gives an option to people to come back to life at a time when there is cure for their disease.

Some people are born extraordinarily intelligent and losing them to death would be a great loss for the society and if the person is alive, they can contribute more. Cryonics makes it possible to preserve such people until they can be resuscitated back to life.

A person suffering from certain disease does not deserve to die just because science is incompetent to provide cure. If the person wants to wait on his life until the cure is available, then they should have an option, which cryogenics manages to provide.

Cons of Cryogenics:
Many people wonder if it is morally right to preserve a person so that he can live later. Is it fair to preserve a person alive when he or she can very much be alive today?

Is it ethically right to prevent a person from dying when dying is supposed to be natural?

What will happen to the world when this natural process is disrupted if people start preserving themselves and come back alive?

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Pros And Cons Of Cryogenics
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