Basic Biology Of Longevity  

Life is a strange thing and all people express deep interest in mortality and want to explore possibilities for living forever. It is strange why some people live a longer life, some die in middle aged life and others at a very young age. Scientists and many medical professionals have been trying to understand the reason behind this for several years.

It has remained a mystery in the life span of a human being, and aging, mortality and death are viewed under the same light in people. Longevity is the average life span of a human being and defined as a period of time a person spends staying alive. It is also termed as life expectancy. Several years have been spent in studying the life expectancy in human beings and people are still trying to unravel its possibilities.

Also, no one really knows how long the life span for a person has been and how many years at the maximum that any person has lived on earth. There have been several longevity claims from various parts of the world. The problem in authenticating the fact is that a person who has lived beyond 90 years forgets many things like his or her own name, date of birth and even his or her own immediate family and relatives. To find a person who is very fit after 100 is almost next to impossible.

The age of a person can be determined using other techniques such as testing the teeth and bones; however, they only give a rough estimate. Longevity has been a mysterious subject to the field of science but a field that researchers will continue pursuing.

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Basic Biology Of Longevity



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