DNA Test For Longevity  

Longevity is the method to measure the life span of a person and how long a person is expected to live. There are some ways and tests through which this question can be answered. However, the results are not completely accurate and at the same time one has to keep in mind that the tests are not cheap.

First comes the DNA test which can cost quite a lot of money and then there are several other diagnostic tests. Overall costs of longevity tests can be pretty high. Why is DNA test performed? DNA test is performed so that the person’s medical history is revealed with clarity. The DNA also reveals if there are any degenerative conditions in the body. This includes the possibility of cancer and other terminal conditions.

Also, DNA damage can be immediately identified and there can be hope for future treatment of the person.  Based on the results of DNA tests and other tests related to the vital statistics, a person's overall health condition can be determined. And, this, in turn, allows the longevity can be decided.

However, none of these tests are conclusive of how long a person can live. The benefit of such a test can be using the outcome the necessary treatment could be undertaken. Why people live long or why some people have a short life is very much unexplained. Even people who have been healthy sometimes die of heart failures or unknown causes. This may mean that the body has a preset clock and this clock is being studied and explored using DNA test for longevity.

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Dna Test For Longevity



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