Genetic Testing For Longevity  

Is there anything called as longevity test? Is it really possible to now how long a person is going to live? These are some of the questions that everyone asks after they have heard about the longevity tests. First of all, it is very important to understand the concept of longevity before these questions are answered.

Longevity is the life span of a person and it can be any person. People are trying to explore what is the longest period someone has lived for and why? Longevity is an extremely vulnerable concept and differs from person to person. The main reason for a longevity test is to determine if the body has a preset clock which notes the end of life time and stops at the preset time. There are some effective methods and tests using which one can foretell how long a person is going to live.

DNA test is one of them and along with that there are several other tests like genetic tests done so that a person’s life time can be determined. Several things are taken into consideration apart from these tests like the person’s lifestyle, personal habits like smoking and alcohol consumption, pollution, job profile, marital status, stress and anxiety. Based on all these factors, a consensus of analysis is formed and the number of years a person will live thereafter is determined to the closest possible time. In spite of having so much analysis and data, people just die before their time and this has been a mysterious phenomenon for ages.

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Genetic Testing For Longevity



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