Nutrition And Longevity Among Cultures  

Several cultures across the world have studied the subject of longevity in several different ways. For example, the Koreans used the symbols of animals and environmental things around them to depict and understand longevity.

In India, the Hindus believed in 9 possible incarnations that eventually led to humans and represented longevity. In China, it was depicted through symbols like water, wind, fire and earth. Even Native Americans used these concepts, and in Egypt, people followed a timetable for longevity and diseases that could occur at different periods of life.
However, in all the cultures there was some indication that nutrition played an important role in longevity and in fact, the relationship was a direct one. If a person does not nourish his or her body everyday, then the cells in the body will die. When the cells start dying in the body, the person’s life expectancy also decreases.

However, it has been very difficult to tell in order to keep the cells from aging what type of nutrition should a person have. So far through several intensive researches it has only been established in bits and pieces as to what could be the best possible food for people. The day any person finds this perfect combination of food, he or she would have discovered the elixir of eternal life.

There are several questions related to longevity that have yet to be answered like when exactly people start aging? What are the reasons and triggers for aging? Why do cells have to die?

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Nutrition And Longevity Among Cultures



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