Foods Containing Omega 3 And Fatty Acids  

Omega 3 fatty acid is rather rarely found in natural resources and the most common type of fatty acid to be found is the Omega 6. Also, it has been found that people consume more Omega 6 than omega 3. The importance of omega fatty acids in the body has been found to be tremendous.

Even the human body is capable of making its own omega acids and it is made by the liver along with insulin. However, omega acids should always have a proportion in the body and if one type of omega acid dominates the other types, then it could be a recipe for disaster. Omega 3 fatty acid is very helpful in the body for preventing many diseases related to the central nervous system.

Some of the food types that contain omega 3 fatty acids are plant sources like flax seeds, hemp, lingonberry and purslane. All these names are mostly unheard of and people do not even know how to eat them. Some of the meat products that contain these acids are eggs, beef, chicken, and lamb. Also, it is suggested that one should take these in the organic form. Most of the cattle and poultry today are being artificially bred and that is why the value of omega 3 fatty acids is found to be low. That is why health experts advocate eating organic food as they are a better source of this much essential acid. Certain variety of fish is also known to contain Omega fatty acids like the Hoki fish. People can otherwise consider taking supplements that contain omega 3 fatty acids.

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Foods Containing Omega 3 And Fatty Acids



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Foods Containing Omega 3 And Fatty Acids )
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