Omega 3 For Sperm  

How does Omega 3 fatty acid affect the sperm count in men? It was first doubted whether Omega 3 fatty acid and the male fertility had any connection at all. However, research has suggested that Omega 3 may have a role to play in the mobility of the sperm.

However, this is a largely unexplored area and research is still on going. Omega 3 in general has many reproductive benefits for both men and women. It helps to lower blood pressure in men and promote the good health of the prostate glands. It enhances the blood flow to the genitals and avoids other problems like erectile dysfunction. A man's reproductive cycle is much more complicated than a woman’s reproductive cycle. There are several aspects of reproduction even in men and this has to be carried out in perfect tandem for a successful reproduction.
A man's reproductive cycle is less explored and gained less attention perhaps because in the reproductive cycle the main focus and place of action is with the woman’s reproductive organs. However, even a man has his own reproductive cycle before he is ready to create children.

Perhaps this answers the question as to why some men in spite of being healthy cannot have children and have infertility problems. This knowledge of the connection between Omega 3 and sperm may come as a big relief for women.

Omega 3 found in fish oil can play an important role by regulating the sperm flow and increasing their count. Omega 3 acid can make the sperm reach the egg faster and also make them stronger.

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Omega 3 For Sperm



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